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Climb With Us

A tree climb with Canopy Watch is more than just a tree climb. Our experiences inspire you with a new perspective on yourself, on trees, and on your place in the natural world. 


We are a conservation and education nonprofit organization. The dollars you invest in a climb support activities close to home and around the world.


We use the highest standards for equipment selection, climbing methods, and safety based on 25+ years of experience. We conduct scientific research on climbing methods. We know what best practices are and how to teach them to you.

We have been teaching tree climbing to scientists and the general public for >25 years, in multiple countries, and on three continents. We use the highest standards and equipment for safe and fun climbing, and adapt methods to your needs and ability.

We are headquartered in Southern Oregon. Our climbs usually take place in city parks in Ashland and Grants Pass, at our facilities in Merlin, and sometimes in Boise, Idaho.

But we can travel to you too!


Treeboat gals-4804.jpg

Public Tree Climb

No experience necessary.

We regularly offer tree climbs in city parks (Ashland, Grants Pass, Boise) for the general public.

per hour.


Introduction to Climbing


8 hours.

4+ participants.

Want to get the feel for recreational tree climbing and spend a day with your feet off the ground? This gentle course offers all the basics for you to pass a lovely day in the trees, learn the essentials of tree climbing, and have a blast

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Private Tree Climb

No experience necessary.

We tailors climbs for your friends, family, church camps, or coworkers to enjoy time together in a new setting.

3 hours.

2+ participants.


Private Instruction

Prices vary

1 to 4 participants.

Professional Climbing

Half-day or full-day private instruction is perfect for those who want to learn new skills under the tutelage and supervision of an expert climber.

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Science Climbing


If you have a field project involving tree climbing and canopy fieldwork and need training specific to your needs, we can travel to you and individualize training for your staff and programmatic needs.



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