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Individualized Programs

Science Climbing

If you have a field project involving tree climbing and canopy fieldwork and need training specific to your needs, we can travel to you and individualize training for your staff and programmatic needs. We have >25 years experience climbing trees for science nationally and internationally working with raptors, primates, rodents and songbirds. We research and publish peer-reviewed papers on safety and methods used in climbing for science. You are in good hands with Canopy Watch.

"David is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He has a broad skill set and expertise. He not only provided advice and training on climbing techniques in-person, but helped us make equipment decisions and gave us advice on working with our birds. David is passionate about training researchers and students to reach the canopy in support of science - and to do so safely. He even graciously consulted with me during the season when I had questions about particular trees and how we should approach each unique challenge. David's help has been invaluable to our work!"

– Dr. Becky Williams, Associate Professor of Biology at Utah State University

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