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Biologists from Latin America
learn to climb trees

For research and conservation at Discovering the Canopy.

Discovering the Canopy is an international event to teach biologists from Latin America how to climb trees for research and conservation. Professionals from Mexico to Patagonia are on the front line of conservation and need training to document, study, and conserve life in the top of the forest.

Training opportunities designed for these professionals - in Spanish, taught by professional climbing instructors, in their home countries - is practically nonexistent.

Each year we host 20 to 25 scientists from up to six countries and we teach them how to climb trees for science. In one week they achieve skill levels that normally take a year to learn. We change their lives. We empower them with new career skills, and send them home with new visions of themselves, stronger, ready to overcome fear and any challenge thrown at them.

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Photos ©Santiago Rosado Hidalgo

You can help.

To keep expenses for students to an absolute minimum, we need to raise up to $20,000 every year. In our sponsorship packages we offer you precious marketing material available nowhere else.

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Highlight your brand and your effort to conserve forest biodiversity and train professionals across two continents.

All donations are welcome.

Contact us for more information:

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