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Private Instruction
/ Professional Climbing

No experience necessary

1 to 4 individuals. Prices vary.

Half-day or full-day private instruction is perfect for those who want to learn new skills under the tutelage and supervision of an expert climber. This training is intended for scientists, researchers, arborists, and others interested in building or improving their skills to climb trees for work.

We provide basic and advanced level climbing equipment for recreational and professional standards.

You may bring your own gear but it will be subject to a rigorous inspection and may be rejected.
Private instruction takes place at our facilities in Merlin, Oregon.

The general skill progression for professional tree climbing follows this outline:

  1. Tree selection and identifying potential hazards.

  2. Basic tree climbing gear - detailed overview and considerations.

  3. Getting your climbing line into the tree.

  4. Safety principles.

  5. Moving Rope Systems (MRS) used for work positioning in the tree (traditionally called Doubled Rope Technique or DdRT). Knots, ascending, and descending.

  6. Advanced tree climbing gear - detailed overview and considerations.

  7. Multi-pitch climbing and lanyard positioning.

  8. Stationary Rope Systems (SRS) used for canopy access in taller trees (traditionally called Single Rope Technique or SRT). Anchoring your rope, ascent, descent on Rope Wrenches or the RADS system (Rapid Ascent and Descent System).

  9. Limb walking, redirects, tree-to-tree traversing, and peripheral canopy access.


Private climbing instruction is given in half-day increments. Skills 1-5 above can usually be taught and practiced in the first half-day, with 2 to 3 additional, advanced skills taught in subsequent half-day sessions.

We will work with you to develop a tailored instruction plan according to your experience level and what you want to learn.

A half-day (5 hours) of private instruction for one person is $290.
The fee for each additional person you bring is $90.

To schedule your next lesson.

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